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Sunday, April 27, 2008


This message is meant for frequent readers, fans of this website, C1 enthusiasts and basically for all of you who like this site or whom this site helped in any way.

As you probably know I frequently compete in the C1 division in competitions around Europe. I also try to train on different spots as frequently as I can. All this requires money... Being a student I am not able to save enough money for both competitions/training trips and equipment. The fact that I have a paddle manufacturer and local bar for sponsors (free paddles and cheaper beer woohoo..:)) doesn´t help much.

Currently I am sorting out the money needed for the trip to the European Championship... I haven´t actually been able to go to any of the previous Champs (be it World or European) mainly because I lacked funds for the trip...

So if you would like to help me go to the this year´s EuroChamps held in Ourense-Spain (23-26 July 2008) continue reading. If not, thanks for visiting this website. I hope you enjoy it and that it has been and will be of use to you...

The amount needed for the air ticket is approximately 7000 CZK ( app. 410$ ) the registration fee is 60 euros (app. 94 $.

How can you help me?

1. You can just send me an encouraging email and say you like my site or whatever... Every single positive comment I ve read helped...

2. You can post a link to my site anywhere you think it would be noticed.

3. You can help me collect the money for the air ticket and the registration fee for the event and become a C1freestyle sponsor. (No... our association does not pay for its team members registration fees nor for anything else...)

How can you send me the money?

1. You can send it by bank transfer. My bank account details are here:

IBAN code: CZ6101000000358669740277
Name : Jan Liska
Address: Psohlavcu 1499/55 , Praha 4
147 00
Czech republic

2. You can send it by PayPal. Just click the button below.

3. You can send it by post. My address is stated above.

What will you receive after you´ve given the donation?

If you provide me with your email address I will send you my personal thanks together with one of my photos in full resolution (it can be a photo of your choice if you specify one... most of the photos are good enough for posters). All the donations and donors will be published on c1freestyle together with specification of the use of their donation (i.e. air ticket or registration fee).
If you do not want to be published as a donor just let me know.

As soon as I´ve collected enough money for the ticket I will let you know on my blog. I will also publish the amount collected so far every week.

Thank you and enjoy c1freestyle blog!

Jan "Zoid"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoid,
Firstly this is the most complete and helpful website I have found on the net. It is well laid out and explains things well... and I should know since I am not a paddler and have no experience of it which brings me to my second point.
I am thinking about taking up paddling because my main sport (rockclimbing) is limited by the climate of my place of residence (Scotland). Also, I come from a nice place in the French Alps with, I am told, a great river (Ubaye).
Anyway, I want to start whitewater riding but somehow the sitting position of a kayak puts me off (back problems).
So my questions are: is kneeling better for your back? Can I reach fairly reasonable standards in a C1 and ride the Ubaye and Scottish rivers, without having to stop everything else I enjoy? (I am a fairly dedicated guy in my activities usually but this would likely be sport n2).
Cheers for any advice. Keep up the good work on this site and in your boat
Erick (