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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some more creeking pics

Big thanks to Hanka Bubnikova... awesome photos there. Cheers for the comittment

Upper Rauma

Store Ula classic

Friday, October 3, 2008

C1 summer- Norway etc...

The story behind these photos is quite simple... lots of paddling, partying and having a good time...
Photos taken by Hanka Bubnikova (paddling) and Stepan Vohradsky(party)

(photo courtesy of Ales Dusa)

Special thanks to:
Profiplast- cheers for the paddles
Bemaniaks- the coolest t-shirts around
Dusan Bubnik and Stepan Vohradsky- thanks for the ride
The French team at the Worldcup- awesome parties, awesome people.
Markus Hilbel- thanks for lending me your Cu-fly for the competitions...
Toby Huther, Markus Lepaennen, Norman the German, Alex Besseau, Jan Bubnik, the Czech crew, and pretty much everybody else for the time we had together...
Hanka B. for the photos
Stepan Fiedler for inspiring performance
Zandul, Moucha, Kubanec and all the guys from Pilsen for the trip to Norway