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Monday, June 7, 2010

WorldCup 2010 and Munich seek-and-hide wave session

So the WC2010 is over. The second event (Plattling) was cancelled due to floods and the first (Augsburg) unfortunately didn't meet the expectations many people had after the WorldCup 2008.

Nevermind that, we had some fun after all.

In Augsburg I spent about a week trying to master the Waschmachine, the inglorious playspot.
It was a lot of fun like always. The Waschmachine is always a challange.

Like in 2008 the best event for me was the OC1 class which was again as much fun as ever. People like OC coz it looks the weirdest I would guess. We put on a decent show with those bathtubs. You can see the video from the finals at with EJs commentary. It is pretty funny.
I won the OC with an airloop, split, spin and a busted lower back :) totally worth it though.

After my OC finals I decided to spice up the event a bit and volunteered to substitute the German Albert-Einstein-look guy at the judges tent and provide some commentary worth listening.

After the Augsburg event me and my french frog buddy Alex Jakkete got an offer from the renowned German OC boater Toby HUther to stay at his apartment in Munich for a day since there might be some nice waves in Munich.
So... we ended up staying for the whole week with the waves getting better every day, tons of spectators on the banks. I ended up playing hide-and-seek with Munich police, getting busted, having to present my credentials, having to change back from paddling gear and finally making a run for it and paddling to the island to get some rides on that LOVABLE wave. Photos by Otto Armando.