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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outfitting the Jacksonkayak Superstar

Yesterday I finished outfitting the new Superstar I got from JK and Vodaksport.

This surely is the best outfitting I ve done so far and I dont think there is a better one to be done...

This is a system for freestyle and you shouldnt use it in creekboats or if you re not an experienced paddler.

Now i will explain its main features-
1. you dont have to drill any holes into the boat
2. you can shift the center of balance at any time if you want (one setup for holeriding, one for waves, one for playboating)
3. you dont have to use much glue

Ok and now how to do it: numbers in the picture correspond to the commentary below
 1. Dont remove anything else apart from the kayak seat. When you ve removed it cut a hole through the stern supporting foam pillar. Pull a cord or a belt through this hole so that when you re in the boat the cord/belt comes from behind the saddle into your lap from both sides.
     As for the saddle use whatever you like personally, the saddle sits on the hull, you have to cut some foam so that it sits nicely on the pole that is the backbone of JK boats. Then attach snowboard bindings(the soft ergonomic part with the ratchet) to the cord/belt on both sides. Adjust these so that they fit nicely around your hips.

2. This is a block of foam that is jammed between the saddle and the front supporting foam pillar. Before you put it in you have to pull a cord/belt under the pole. Attach the plastic ratchet belts from the snowboard bindings to the cord/belt. Cut two holes through the foam block and pull the plastic ratchet belts through. Finally, jam this foam block between the saddle and the front support foam block. Now you should be able to sit in the boat and bind yourself to the saddle with the snb bindings.

3. This is the usual foam 'tunnel'. Make it in such a way that it is jammed between the boat and the foam block no. 2. You should still be able to move the tunnel forward and backward.

4. A block of foam comes here. It should be jammed between the tunnel and the front support pillar. This is the essential part of this outfitting. While getting into the boat you can move the tunnel forward and when you re in you push the foam block no.4 between the front pillar and the tunnel. This moves the tunnel much closer to the torso and provides much better fit and power transmission. And you can still get in the boat pretty comfortably.

5. These are ankle pads. It is completely up to you if and where you put them.

Finally, nothing but the ankle pads and hip pads is glued. The whole thing is just jammed between the front and back foam support. So you should be able to move the whole outfitting forward/backward pretty easily. The main advantage is that the thigh belts come from behind you and the tunnel can fit very close to your torso providing superb power transmission