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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

White Nile Christmas sessions

So here we are... Christmas on the White Nile with the mighty Nile Special just 10 min paddle away running all day long... We are all slowly getting used to the slow rhytm of this country... We are also getting better on the wave. The long time without paddling is still apparent though. The weather is not as hot as I expected, it is like 25C, really pleasant. One of my friends - Jirka broke a paddle against his forehead while running Kalagala falls... Otherwise nothing serious happened so far.
We are all going to have a spit roasted pig for lunch today... and then guess what... the wave awaits us. Big up for Slunda for those photos... ingenious work.
So long and Merry Christmas.... Stay tuned for a video update.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

C-1 Calendar

The C1/OC1 2008 Wall Calendar just issued. I made it to the October page... So check it out here.
I am getting ready for the trip to Uganda... This time next week I should be on the equator.
Stay tuned for frequent updates from the Nile.
So long