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Sunday, April 27, 2008

C1 on waves I.- offside carving/balance

Hey again,
This article is related to other articles that have already been published here. Articles were on Onside roundhouse and Offside roundhouse.
These articles are primarily concerned with freestyle moves. This article should show you the techniques that are essential for successful basic movements like surfing and carving which are essential for successful onset for moves on big waves.

C1 paddlers have serious disadvantages in freestyle paddling. We, however, have advantages as well and bigger waves offer many opportunities to use these advantages to the maximum.

First how do we deal with the disadvantages.

For many C1res the main disadvantage is the absence of the second blade and resulting inability to brace on the offside. The problem with crossdeck brace is that while it can be done on flatwater, in a hole or in the foamy part of a wave it cant be done on the green part.
But we have hands dont we?? The basic technique for regaining balance and/or for carving control is to use the palm of your hand either letting loose of the T-grip or just stretching the fingers while still holding the grip between the thumb and the palm.
Another technique is simply to avoid getting of balance. This is done by keeping your weight center above the boat.
But how to do this while carving to your offside (carving is initiated on the edge by putting weight on it). The essential thing is to shift your shoulders to your onside. So now your lower body part puts weight on the offside edge while the upper part shifts to your onside thus keeping your balance as well as the carving.

bounce for an onside blunt- offside carve/shoulders to the onside

Carving to the offside weight of the upper body above the boat

The same again: shoulders to the onside, your knees pushing the offside rail, head leads the way

Onside cleanblunt landing, notice the desperate effort to keep all weight possible above the boat.

Watch this video to see how to do that. Notice the shoulders are actually mirroring the movements of the lower body part (i.e. going in opposite direction) while the body leans forward to put weight on the offside rail thus initiating the carve. Also notice the arms are copying the direction of the carve and the offside hand controls the carve by touching the green.

More coming soon...
So long and keep practicing. Also let me know if the article helped in any way... or whether anybody actually reads this stuff.

1 comment:

golder said...

i've been reading this stuff. and i'm glad to have found it. i'm finding it pretty helpful, though i've still got a ways to go on learning these moves. thanks!