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Friday, July 10, 2009

Eurocup 2009

Setting up the Lunar orbit

Nice small wave in Bratrislava

Lukas Cervinka stylez

A week ago I came back from the last of the Eurocups.
The Eurocups were quite good. The only drawback was the lack of competitors. This might be due to the inscription fees which were high enough to discourage a lot of paddlers.

The competition in Plattling was impeded by the low water level. The Plattling hole- the venue of the 2010 Worldcup and 2011 World Championship is a superb playspot, but not at 140 cm...
The organisers managed to provide the ugliest T shirt ever... not many people like pink...
The party was awesome though, including the local hip-hop gang of 16 year olds who wanted a brawl and got one in the end. Hilarious.

I was quite surprised to find a decent wave at the slalom course in Bratislava, just above the competition spot, which was not that good. The wave was a good one. Very good for training since you had to get a lot of speed to launch blunts.
I had an oportunity to test a 2007 AllStar as a C1. Frankly, I was amazed the boat behaved so much better than the Project even though it was too small for me.

Finally, the Eurocup in Lienz provided by far the best playspot. The organisation was also the best. I was surprised to see a great audience during the finals. The way to go for sure!!

I dont know if I am going to the last eurocup in Netherlands yet. But I should if I want to win the C1 division... not much competition there though...

Hope to see a lot more other C1ers at the World Champs.