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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Czech Championship-Testing the Liquidlogic Biscuit 55

During the Czech Championship I had the oportunity to test the new Liquidlogic freestyle kayak- The Biscuit. I was very curious about this boat. The last playboat LL introduced- Ronin, was quite a failure. I havent paddled it myself but I got lots of negative comments about the boat.
LL designers claim that the Biscuit design involved "harvesting ideas from the past". This is absolutely true. In my opinion Biscuit has all the traditional LL features we ve become used to over the years - the spindisc hull design, the typical LL style rockers etc... The main improvement is that the designers made some crucial changes and effectively minimised the notorious drawbacks of those very same design features. The boat bounces nicely, has a really snappy edge transition and the spins are easier than ever, we appreciated that with the Space Cadet and Vision series. But this time the LL boat does not pay the price of being sluggishly slow and effectively immune to any carving action.
The Biscuit is a suprisingly fast boat especially when put on an edge. When put on edge the boat easily matches the retentivity I got used to with the Project. This is, however, something you got to get used to.
One last thing- Although I weigh 97 kgs, the Biscuit 55 seemed just a little undersize for me. Good thing that the boat is slightly bigger than most of the other playboats on the market
I still have to test the boat in a decent hole but it worked really nicely at our local wave the Czech Champs have been held on.
Check out the pics of my friend Lukas and myself riding the Biscuit.